2001 Saab 9-3 Viggen

Award-winning Laser Red 5-door hatchback -- virtually new

162,5xx miles; < 30,000 miles on complete rehab; < 10,000 miles on rebuilt engine; < 2,000 miles on new paint.

Clear MN title.

MSRP was $57,585, adjusted for inflation. Asking $17,900

This car won a Peoples' Choice award at the Saab Owners' Convention 2021 in Albany, NY, in July.

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Also included at no extra charge: 2019 Viggen VIP 20th Anniversary package: one Viggen 20th Anniversary emblem from the Saab Owners' Convention 2019, with laser-engraved keepsake box and assorted Viggen items. These emblems were a one-time-only item and were very popular.

I bought the car in New York City, where any car has a hard life, and drove it home to Minnesota, not without adventure. First I removed the black, aftermarket wheels, replaced the lowered and dangerously-worn suspension with stock, OEM parts, and over a year or so replaced everything that was worn out or could wear out: every bushing, bearing, belt, hose, filter, seal, o-ring, you name it. One wag called the picture of the parts I removed "the Viggen autopsy". Everything is OEM, everything is stock.

In 2015 I drove it to the Saab Owner's Convention in Lexington, Kentucky and back with no trouble at all. A minor compression shortfall on one cylinder, and slightly elevated oil consumption eventually led me to rebuild the engine from scratch, with forged Wossner pistons: the stock crank and rods were forged already.

Can document a large investment: every part I bought: part number, supplier, and cost.

This car was originally delivered to a customer in Australia, who imported it into the US about a year later. So it is not one of the 62 cars shown for the US production data, for this model, year, and color, though it is a US-market car. I call it number 63 of 62.

Contact: Jim Hickstein +1 651 321 8665