3 Cancelling out of the setting mechanism

The setting mechanism and, with it, simultaneously the check register can be cancelled out by pulling the cancellation lever from back to front and then releasing it again.

4 The product register

Now you will have to get to know the product register. This is located in the right-hand portion of the carriage and has a capacity of 13 digits. The separate digits are marked, as in the setting mechanism, by means of small consecutively running figures from the right to the left. The product register is cancelled out, (i.e. brought back to zero) by pulling the left-hand cancellation lever to the front and then releasing it again.

5 The multiplier register with
tens transmission

The purpose of the multiplier register is to count the revolutions of the operating handle. It is located in the left-hand portion of the carriage. As in all the other mechanisms the 8 digits are marked by numbers; each of the markings indicates the position of the carriage in this particular case. The multiplier register of the 13 RM is also equipped with a reversing gear which enables optional counter-rotation. The shift lever can occupy 3 positions: plus-neutral-minus. Its basic position is at neutral and corresponding to the first rotation of the operating handle it is set to either + or -. Once the lever is in one of these positions it will remain there until you return the counter to zero, when it will again go to the central position. Normally, you need not touch this reversing lever as it functions automatically, but if you wish to change the direction of rotation of the counter wheels, you may move it by hand; always remembering to see first of all that the handle is in its neutral position. This reversing lever has many uses, as by using this mechanism, both the product and counter registers can react either positively or negatively simultaneously, or in opposite directions.