My hostnames

I once spent an entire afternoon -- yes!! -- chasing references in Roget's Thesaurus to come up with this list, so I wouldn't have to think of any more. I call it the "errors and misfortunes" series. YMMV.

$TTL 28800	; 8 hours			IN SOA (
				2006071700 ; serial
				3600       ; refresh (1 hour)
				1800       ; retry (30 minutes)
				1209600    ; expire (2 weeks)
				28800      ; minimum (8 hours)
misfire		IN	A	A.B.C.65	; a router
backfire	IN	A	A.B.C.66	; another router
exigency	IN	A	A.B.C.66	; temporary router
split		IN	A	A.B.C.67	; desktop
trial		IN	A	A.B.C.68	; mail server
delay		IN	A	A.B.C.69	; time server, naturally
;setback		IN	A	A.B.C.7	; Linux machine
;waste		IN	A	A.B.C.68	; old desktop
;collapse	IN	A	A.B.C.6	; laptop
;tribulation 	IN	A	A.B.C.9	; spare
;rupture		IN	A	A.B.C.10	; the DHCP group of 4:
;puncture	IN	A	A.B.C.11
;fracture	IN	A	A.B.C.12
;seizure		IN	A	A.B.C.13
;loss		IN	A	A.B.C.14	; phone
;dropout	IN	A	A.B.C.72	; another phone
;lapse		IN	A	A.B.C.16	; Ultra-1
;jam		IN	A	A.B.C.29	; printer
;havoc		IN	A	A.B.C.30	; AirPort Extreme hub
nuisance	IN	A	D.E.F.5		; web server