1 Operation of the machine

The Brunsviga 13 RM, your new Calculating Machine, stands before you. You have just unpacked it, and now you wish to get to know the machine and how to operate it as quickly as possible.
The Brunsviga 13 RM is immediately ready for operation; you can start.
Please place the machine on the right in front of you in such a manner that you can turn the crank comfortably and also have a clear view of all the 3 registers.
The operating handle is drawn out a little from its rest, after which you turn the handle a few times to the right and a few times to the left for pratice, without, however, letting it go back into the rest after each turn. All crank rotations should be made quickly and evenly avoiding sudden jerks. Once you have com- menced to turn the handle, the revolution must be completed, i.e. you cannot reverse the direction of rotation in the middle of a revolution.




2 Setting levers and check register

The number is set by means of the levers in the setting mechanism. You will see that the setting track of each of the levers is marked with the numbers 1 -- 9.
If you, therefore, wish to set any number, e.g. 5 you draw the lever up to the embossed 5. You will notice that the 5 also appears in the check register after setting. In the case of multiple digit values it is of most advantage to put the figures into the machine starting from the left and beginning with the first digit, i.e. for instance in the case of the 5-digit number 27354, the 5th lever is first of all set to 2, (the setting levers are numbered by means of the digit numbers above the setting control mechanism), then the 4th lever is set to 7, the 3rd lever to 3, the 2nd lever to 5 and the 1st lever to 4. Now as a control, the number 27354 can be read off from the check register.
Please practice a little with any arbitrary numbers.