Yes this is my personal home page. Big deal.

Looking for Saab parts?
My GnuPG key fingerprint is: DEC8 E56F B845 7C34 8E96 387F 0A90 E5C8 66D4 0E50
Here are some of my slogans.

How the heck does Jim pronounce his last name?

Type entrepreneurship ten times, quickly.

Ever notice a steamship setting sail?

If you have one computer, it's "the computer". Two computers, "this computer" and "the other computer." But as soon as you have three, you need a hostname series.

Here are some Underground Grammarians that I scanned (before someone else did them all):

If you spot any typos, please let me know. Thanks.

Have you seen my Brunsviga? I finally found a couple on eBay after years of looking. They only cost me ten times my original purchase price of 1974!
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